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No Yellow Snow

I spend hours scouring the quilt shops for fabric. I am looking for the perfect shades of red for the ever popular red and white quilt. Do I stick with one red and one white? Do I scrap it up with a variety of reds and a single white or one red and a variety of white on whites? (Maybe your preference is a blue and white version.) Whatever the color choice, you know THAT quilt. This quilt will be gorgeous.

I have a pattern in mind. You know. That pattern you have been mentally saving for the stunning red and white quilt. It has the perfect balance of focus fabric to background. This quilt will be gorgeous.

Time to prepare my fabrics. I prewash (or not) my red fabric. I starch. I press. I cut. These stacks of red and white pieces are beautiful. Oh! I think I need to post a picture on Instagram. Only other quilters can appreciate my giddiness over organized stacks of cut fabric. This quilt will be gorgeous.

Piecing takes time. A couple of well-planned sew days. Sew days, not snow days. Oh, wait! A snow day is a sew day. After two days, I am not finished. More piecing time. In the mornings. In the evenings after dinner. The points are perfect. The flimsy is complete. Time for a picture to share with friends. This quilt will be gorgeous.

Luckily for me, I also purchased a wide back at my local quilt shop. The backing just needs to be torn on the straight grain to the specifications of the longarm, Simon. Check. This quilt will be gorgeous.

Quilting? Does this quilt need to be custom quilted? I have so much invested in this quilt. Will an edge to edge show off my piecing? What color thread? White thread will stand out on the red. Red thread will stand out on the white. This is a classic red and white quilt. White thread it is. This quilt will be gorgeous.

The quilt is off the frame. Time to trim up the edges. I think I need to post a picture of the almost finished quilt to Facebook. This quilt will be…what? (insert needle scratching across an album sound effect) It must be the lighting. Morning sun? Indirect lighting? Overhead lighting? Flash? No flash? My beautiful red and white quilt. What happened? The lovingly chosen snow white fabric. This quilt looks…

All my time! Every step was well planned, except for the batting. Did the batting choice cause my snow-white fabric to appear yellowish? Why? I used the same batting as always. I determined the size batting I needed. Then I price shopped. The least expensive layer of my quilt sandwich. Ouch! Should I have given my batting choice more careful consideration? The answer is yes. Some of the factors to consider when choosing batting are fiber content, loft, brand, how the quilt will be used, breathability of the fiber, hand quilting or machine quilting, and color. Did you know batting comes in colors? It comes in pink, green, black, natural and bleached, or white. Yes, it comes in white. That’s it! White batting behind white fabric equals no yellow snow.