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Sunday Afternoon

How do you spend your Sunday afternoons? We are off to our favorite coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. Did you know Starbucks has free treats for dogs? Ask for a puppaccino. It is a small puff of whipped crème, no coffee. (That is just opposite of what I order – flavor of the day, no whip.)

Now back to that messy cutting table.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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Day 2

IMG_3328[645]Can you see it? Right there, a little to the right of middle in the picture. Look between the two plastic tubs and the black batting. That my friends is my…cutting table.

Am I the only one that pulls everything out before I am ready to start the project? I need to clean off the table and make a list. The projects on the table range from key fob patterns to be made for gifts, two quilts to be made for Christmas, the fabric for several zippered pouches, a couple of cork bags, the beginnings of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, and my current leader/ender project. Whew!

I have some work to do before I can watch Clemson in the ACC championship game tonight. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone. Go Tigers!


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31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

I had been putting off getting this blog started. Well, today is the day, the first day of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Thank you Cheryl Sleboda at for the push…off the high-dive at the swimming pool. The blog will be a bit clunky. Hopefully in 30 more days this page will be easier to maneuver and to read.